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16. lutego 2009 02:54:00

I just can’t seem to find the underlying reason why people felt like they’re really good at something, when in fact they are just stealing other people’s work and claim it as their own. The case I’m talking about is plagiarism, specially when it comes to research papers.


I mean a lot of people are guilty of it, and they just rub the issue off their shoulder like they have nothing to do about it. For example, we were assigned custom papers about the recent findings on technology. My classmates would want to submit their work as soon as possible so they can say they were the first ones who had the idea.


The truth of the matter is everyone should always have a caution on what they do. A writing piece is not something that you can claim original even if you’re the first in class to finish it. Admit it – you’re also in the red zone. Stealing someone else’s work will just do you no good.


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